CSFF Blog Tour: Chris Walley's The Shadow and Night

Though I haven't read Chris Walley's book yet, I'd really like to, and here's why:

Chris Walley's The Shadow and Night was praised by reviewer Patricia Cummings, who said of the story:

"...it’s "Star Wars" the way it should have been written..."

The story is set in the year 13851 in a world that has never experienced evil. So let's break that information down.... We have a scientific, technologically based Garden of Eden society. There is no sin, and the inhabitants have a spiritual relationship with God.

So maybe you're saying to yourself. That's a pretty rad concept but...how's that make for an interesting story? Where's the conflict?

Conflict enter stage left: A horde of evil ape-like creatures and giant bugs threaten to destroy their paradisical planet! And even worse, they're not only battling evil apes and cockroaches, they're fighting against a spreading evil that threatens to corrupt their very minds. The dark side makes a full frontal assault, no rules, no mercy.

Christian Star Wars anyone?

Yes, please!

Check out Chris Walley's website or his web blog.

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Christopher Hopper said...

Hey fellow CSFF Blogger! Great lead in to Walley's work. I've really loved his writings thus far!



rebeccagrabill said...

That's quite the intro! I was bummed by the lack of light sabers. :( But I guess there's no need for them in a sinless society.

Mike Lynch said...

Good review, Brandon. Very clever use of Star Wars comparison.


Brandon Barr said...

Thanks Christopher!

Hi Rebecca, that's funny you mentioned the light sabers thing, I almost included a comical reference to them, but decided it'd be too silly. Guess I was wrong!

Mike, you're a gentleman and a scholar.

Pixy said...

Oh, man. Evil apes! A must read for sure! :P I've wanted to read these for a while, so I'm excited we're doing a tour on them. Can't wait to learn more. :D

Kait said...

Excellent introduction, I can't wait to read your review of the work!

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Pixy,

I agree, the evil apes and space bugs was an instant hook for me.

Kait! Your comment's caused me to fear that I've misled everyone. I haven't read the book yet. I based my comments off the back cover, and tidbits I picked up from other reviewers. My enthusiasm is genuine, and when I say "Yes, please!" I meant it. From everything I've read about this book, it sounds like a great story. To prevent any further confusion, I'm tweaking my post so that everyone knows I haven't read it.

Thanks for setting me straight!

Kait said...

Aw, nuts. I was hoping to hear your take! Oh well! :)