Marcher Lord Press

The first thing that strikes me about Marcher Lord Press is there eye-catching front covers. How many books have you seen with sub-par covers. And how many of those have you purchased. A book cover is a window into the quality of the book. And it is apparent at Marcher Lord that they are about quality. These covers are beautiful, and eye catching. As John Hammond said in Jurassic Park, "No expenses spared."

If you check out the Marcher Lord Website, its put together very nicely. I especially loved the interview with Mitchell Bonds. He's the author of "Hero, Second Class". This kids nineteen, going on twenty, but don't let his age fool you. His darn right witty and intelligent. Reading his interview made me want to buy his book. I'm always amazed to see someone so young with heaps of talent.

Jeff Gerke is the founder of Marcher Lord Press, and I must say, he's a man with a vision that I fully embrace. He's bringing forth quality speculative fiction that is neither preachy, nor secular. I'm looking forward to where this publishing house goes.

Jeff is also the creator of

I highly recommend this site. it's the got scads of resources for both readers and writers of speculative fiction. I can't say this enough, how much Jeff is doing to elevate speculative fiction of a higher caliber. I implore you to check out site, and perhaps pick up one of the newly released books available for purchase October 1st!

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Pixy said...

Aren't those covers amazing! I'm thrilled! I think that can be the make or break for some books.

Mike Lynch said...
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Mike Lynch said...

Good review, Brandon. I wish I would have said more about the website itself. Thanks for not dropping the ball.


Brandon Barr said...

Yes, they're stunning. I really dig all three!

Hey Mike,
Thanks! I'll hop on over to check out your enormous Marcher Lord Press blog post!