Bryan Davis: Beyond the Reflection’s Edge

Bryan Davis, the Christian author famous for his young adult fantasy series' has taken a bold step into adult fiction.

Though I haven't personally read, Beyond the Reflection's Edge, I've gathered it's more hard hitting than some are used to--certainly more so than his young adult fiction.

I meandered over to Amazon and checked out the reviews. For the vast majority, there was lots and lots of praise, but then I spotted a few curiosity was piqued.

One person gave the book a single star, and another person gave it two. What did these two lonely individuals have to say in the face of so much praise? The answer is quite interesting!

-The novel is too violently graphic
-Doesn't encourage your Christian walk
-and lastly, one of the reviewers saw danger in the idea of parallel universes because they are not realistic

This last point is the most interesting to me. the statement, it's not realistic, pretty much sums up all speculative fiction. Is there danger in painting a picture using make-believe? Using star ships that go faster than the speed of light, using mythological creatures, or creating Frankenstein monsters?

Yes, there can be danger, but the danger lies in misinterpretation. Speculative fiction is meant to be speculative. Quality speculative fiction can be used as parable and allegory. That's what makes it so fascinating.

I doubt that Bryan Davis believes in the parallel universes as told in his story, however, I am quite sure he was able to explore issues and philosophical questions using his fictional setting. And that's what much speculative fiction is, exploration.

Exploration of ideas, philosophy, and the future. Exploration of allegory: placing a new light on anything from true love to theology.

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Bryan Davis said...


Thank you for posting about my book.

I, too, found the negative reviews on Amazon informative. The "unrealistic" one made me grin. And too graphic? Well, I think the Bible has more graphic descriptions than my book does. As far as encouraging a Christian's walk, it's interesting how many readers have told me that the story has encouraged theirs. Go figure.

You're right. I don't believe in the parallel universes at all, and it did give me the opportunity to raise questions about free will verses determinism in the minds of astute readers, though I didn't raise the issues at all in the narrative. As you noted, that's what speculative fiction does. It allows us to speculate.

Thank you again for your thoughts.

Bryan Davis

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, you've chosen to write in the speculative genres because they give writers the freedom to explore concepts like--as you described, free will vs. determinism.

That's what makes this genre so amazing. Unfortuntely, some readers haven't caught on to the deeper ideas within the fantastical story, and the underlying ideas you explore.

Keep writing for the rest of us!

Mike Lynch said...


Even though you didn't read the book, your comments added a lot to the discussion. So, how'd you get Bryan Davis to stop by your blog site and not mine?


Brandon Barr said...

Well Mike,

...I don't know what tell ya...

(FYI Mike is a good friend, any sarcasm is purely a result of my knowing he will completely understand it and not take offense. Thank you)

Robert Treskillard said...

Great post, Brandon. Made me think!

Brandon Barr said...

Thanks Robert.