John B. Olson's, "Shade"

Shade is best defined as a supernatural horror thriller. And the author is...a Christian.

There are several different categories of horror, but I can assure you, this is not the type that fills our movie theaters.
No blood splattering all over the screen. No sex driven teenagers caught in the act by a knife wielding madman.

Shade is the type of horror that doesn't frighten simply to get a visceral rise out of you, it's worth is much more than that. The story has actual lessons that go much farther than teaching one DON'T GO CHECK OUT THAT STRANGE NOISE ALL ALONE!

Here's what some respectable authors are saying about Shade...

"Things that go bump in the night are not all figments of overwrought imaginations or evidence of mental illness. As our heroine discovers, evil personified preys on the ignorance of its victims. Lock your doors and windows, leave the lights on, and hunker down for a splendid, spine-chilling read."
-Donita K. Paul, author of the DragonKeeper Chronicles

"John B. Olson is a seasoned storyteller, and Shade is quite a story! As the heat turns up, and as menacing tones and brooding characters abound, the theme of God's grace boils to the surface. A few years back, Olson gave us a new twist on Jekyll & Hyde; now he puts his own fast-paced spin on the Dracula story. I can only hope there's a sequel in the works!"
-Eric Wilson, author of Field of Blood and A Shred of Truth

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Brandon, I'm glad you made the distinction. This book is far from a slasher read. There are some good vs. evil concepts I'm sure Olson will develop more throughout the series. More like a Peretti book, I think. In fact, I thought one of my posts would be to compare the two, but I haven't read Peretti recently, so it would have been a challenge.

Thanks for your part in the tour.


Brandon Barr said...

Your welcome Rebecca, and thanks for stopping by.

Eve said...

Did you find it scary? I was waiting for it to be, but I guess I've become desensitized over the years or something :)

Brandon Barr said...

Hey Eve,

I believe movies can desensitize us...but books--books don't really disensitize like visual media can. I think your sentiment that Shade was not very scary was shared by most people who read it.