More pirate adventures with Polivka's, The Hand that Bears the Sword

Book Two in the Trophy Chase trilogy is The Hand that Bears the Sword. George Bryan Polivka never lets me down. To this point I have devoured the first book in the trilogy, The Legend of the Firefish, and the prequel, Blaggards Moon. (check out my reviews Here and Here).

In a wonderfully created world peopled with pirates and common folk reminiscent of the pirate era of our own time, Polivka tells his heart wrenching tale full of human dilemmas that I found tugging at my heart again and again. His descriptions are vivid, fun, and yet sometimes brutal. It is a world very much like our own many centuries ago...much unexplored, new dangers, new monsters.

Has anyone else read any of Polivka's novels? What are some novels that struck you as amazing adventure novels?


Amanda B. said...

I've read the whole Trophy Chase Trilogy and Blaggard's Moon. All VERY good! Can't wait for you to finish Battle for Vast Dominion!!

Brandon said...

Yep, I can't wait either!! I'm almost half-way through.

KM Wilsher said...

I really want to read this series. Man, I have so many good books on my list. I love the idea of pirates. You have spotlighted another of Polivka's books, have you not?
This looks good!

Brandon said...

Hey KM,
Yeah, I really love this series, the world is rich and the dilemmas the characters face helped to strengthen my own faith as if I were in that situation.
So far I've posted about three of Polivka's books...I'm reading the last book in the trilogy now.