Residential Aliens, an online magazine

Residential Aliens, also known as ResAliens, is an ezine specializing in a broad range of spiritually infused speculative fiction. The ezine is headed up by Lyn Perry. I've had the privledge of being published by this ezine (my short story can be found HERE).

 Not only does Resaliens put out a continual stream of sci-fi and fantasy short stories on their ezine, but they also have anthologies for purchase (pictured to the left is While the Morning Stars Sing). I happen to think that's a really nice cover.

There are a great deal of speculative fiction magazines and ezines, but there are a relative few that are spiritually minded.

As Editor Lyn Perry explains:

I also embrace literature from a spiritual perspective. Combining spec fic and spirituality, and wanting to contribute to faith-informed genre fiction, ResAliens Press offers fans of science fiction, fantasy, and spiritual & supernatural thriller a quality venue in which to share their passion.

My hope is that both online and in print you will find engaging fiction that is truthful to the human experience yet touches on things eternal.

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ℜ-₩inch said...

Very exciting! This is the second time I've heard about ResAliens this week. When was it launched?

Brandon said...

Good question, it's been around for at least two years. but I think more like three or four.

Merrie Destefano said...

Residential Aliens rocks! Thanks for sharing such a great post, Brandon! =)

Brandon said...

your welcome Merrie!

Reid Kemper said...

You're right. The art looks great, and "there are a relative few (speculative fiction magazines and ezines) that are friendly to a Christian worldview."