Time Jump: Apocalypse released for Kindle

I have about two dozen finished short stories I want to release. Here's the first (originally written in 2005). Time Jump: Apocalypse.

. . . and for only 99cents, its hard to go wrong. What's the story about? Glad you asked:

 Jack Henshaw and the millions left alive on Earth are desperately looking towards a time jumper to help them elude the cataclysmic disasters wreaking havoc across the globe. If a jump is successful, those seeking refuge might maintain some semblance of civilization. The problem is, there are only two men genetically able to handle the extremes of a time jump . . . and one of them has been lost. Henshaw, the head of NASA's JUMP program must race time and disasters to unravel the mystery of the first jumper's disappearance, all the while struggling to find the answers to his own urgent question: What is causing Earth to destruct . . . and why has his wife vanished without a trace?

Read it now on your kindle.

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