If anyone is interested in contacting me by email for any reason I would be happy to hear from you.
My email is:


Dee said...

Nice blog. Will definitely check this out more. You are more than welcome to guest blog at mine any time. Let me know.

Brandon said...

Hi Dee, I'll check out your site :)

Wink said...

Thanks for all of the advice.
So far, after I've re-kickstarted my writing career, I've sent out over 10 stories/poems.
Six got published at
I now have a question:
What rights, on the internet, am I keeping/loosing?

Wink said...

Don't recall if I've asked you this:
what is YOUR opinion of ?
I've been putting my bad stories on blogger,
My better stories on triond
And when someone or some site pays good enough they will get my GOOD stuff!