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Marilyn said...

(The park ranger guy posted a comment on my blog also.)

I have published a Christian science fiction novel titled: "Over the Edge: The Beginning." A sample of the book is available on my web site:

I would be delighted to send you a review copy in exchange for your review. This book is the first in a series. It is available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble web sites, do a search for Marilyn W. Lathrop for fastest results. If you'd like to receive a copy, please send mailing address to: Mrayan_Peland at

I have submitted the second book in the series to Charisma House Realms imprint and am expecting a reply from them soon. (I would appreciate your prayers.) The second book, since it's going to a new publisher, will be a stand alone for new readers, but will serve as the next installment for those who are continuing the series.

A short story from the "Over the Edge" universe is available at, look for the chapter by chapter section, "Over the Edge" by Jaizem (Jaizem is the name of one of my characters).

I also have a blog with deleted material from the second book:

Check out:

Greg Slade from North Vancouver, Canada, is the science fiction editor for this site.

Last year he was the web master for a group who tried to host the first ever Christian science fiction convention. It was to be held in Chicago, but was unfortunately canceled. Though it's bad the convention had to be canceled, it shows that God is pushing in this area--progress is being made, even if for now seemingly behind the scenes!

Thank you for raising awareness of the need for Christian science fiction! May God richly bless you,

Marilyn W. Lathrop

UKSteve said...
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UKSteve said...

Unlike our friend the park ranger, This blog might actually be interesting, being dedicated to Christian science fiction and hopefully following on where this one, appears to have left off.

Actually, it probably won't, being brand new and all. But come along and chip in once it gets going properly.

Oh, and I inadvertantly used the same template as here too. Sorry.

Mirtika said...

Thanks, as always, for championing Christian writers of SF/F who write Christian-friendly speculative fiction. It's been sorta discouraging in the CBA market, but Becky Miller's interview with NavPress's Jeff Gerke was a bit encouraging. May his prediction that Christian SF will take off within five years prove true.

BTW, I followed a couple of your links and Deep Magic has shut down (not accepting submissions, refunding some monies). I did subscribe to Nova. :)

Mir Schultz
asst. editor, DKA

Wink said...

I'm new to, but I have a ton of sci fi
stories that I'd like to publish.
How can I do that from
Any info would help.


Wink said...

Thanks for all of your help.
I don't know how this website works yet,
but I've have for pieces of writing
published on
They say they pay for stories, you just have
to keep writing.

Thanks again