Current writing adventures

Currently friends, I'm at work on several short stories, and charging forward on my next novel with Co-author Mike Lynch.

Mike and I are currently about to set to work on chapter twenty in the novel. The writing has been fun, as well as challenging. I believe in the story and the characters, and their fates. It is exciting to get to know your characters in the writing process, and I look forward to the climactic ending. (I can see it on the horizon).

The Short stories, one titled, "She Liked to Build Sandcastles" and the other, "The Perfect Prison" both have a similar setting, and that is, incarceration. Bot stories have are rather dark and where one explores the deceptive prison of technology and of lies, the other digs into the self-made prison of lust. I really can't say too much about them, you'll just have to read them when they are finished and published.

That's all for now. Please email me or post a message.


Raymond said...

just don't let fame go to your head.

Brandon Barr said...

Thank you, Raymond. I'll do my best to stay grounded and not let all the swarming fanmail go to my head.

chrisd said...

A collaboration. That's tricky. If you guys get along and don't ruin a friendship, I think it's great!

I'll come by more often!

Busy w/kid things right now.

Keep us posted about your book!

Brandon Barr said...

Hi chrisd,

The collaboration between me and Mike is amazing. We're a writers match made in heaven.

Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to hear from you. I'll swing by your blog now!