The Christian short story . . . a funeral, or a birth?

It is the short story form that ignited speculative fiction back in the 40's and 50's and it still is a major force today. Big writers writing short fiction, purely for the love of that particular form (short stories).

But where is the short story in the CBA market. There is no such thing. Where are the short story collections by famous Christian authors?

The Nebula and Hugo awards recognize short stories, novellas, and novelettes!

It's a pity, because short stories are so much fun, and take so much skill to write. I've been touched more often by short stories than novels (but perhaps that's because its easier to read more of them)

The short story is a neglected jewel among Christian publishers. I am thankful that Double-edged publishing is keep it alive.


pixy said...

I can't agree with you more. I love writing short stories, and have been able to publish a handful of them. They help you grow as a writer and keep you on track.

But there's really no Christian publishers willing to step out, other than DEP. There are plenty of writers writing them, though. I belong to a group specifically geared toward them. We have eight challenges a month. Plenty of encouragement and opportunities to grow. Let me know if you're interested I can get you an invite. It’s call Liberty Hall Writers, mostly spec fic.

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Pixy,

I am interested. I'm a member of the online writing workshop, and that's been a big help.

Let me know more about this group you're in!

Laura Ware said...

RIght now I'm looking for a market for a Christian short story I wrote. My hope is that it will find a home.

Glad I found your blog!