Great News!

I'm very excited to announce that my short story, "Spineless" is now out in the current issue of Ray Gun Revival!

Ray Gun is such a great webzine, and it's a privilege to be a part that.


chrisd said...

Congratulations! That's great!

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Chrisd

Thanks for stopping by!!

GarthTrekker said...

I read it! And now I made the connection between you, this blog, and the author, which is also you - lol. Sorry, I'm a bit slow. That was a fun little story, but I think you just let the slugologist let loose a ton of slimy trouble! lol Lyn from Residential Aliens

Brandon Barr said...

Hi garthtrekker,

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story. I am always honored when some one reads something I've written.

I'm glad you made the connection between me, the story, and the blog.

See you around!