The Lost Genre Guild

As a member of the Lost Genre Guild (LGG), I am more than a little excited to feature this wonderful group for our CSFF blog tour.


The LGG is a community of Christians who are writers/editors/agents/artists/fans/ of Christian speculative fiction.


Science fiction, fantasy, supernatural thriller, and all the resulting sub-genres as told through a Biblical worldview.

To find out more about what the LGG does click here.


Here's the meat of the matter. The Lost Genre Guild has taken the lead in addressing the vacuum of Christian speculative fiction on the shelves of Christian bookstores. In the secular publishing realm, speculative fiction has a huge following of fans, and their are a dozen bookshelves chalk full of sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural thrillers. In the Christian bookstore, those genres are usually isolated to a single row on a shelf...if your fortunate, maybe an entire shelf.

The group was formed by founder Frank Creed to confront this issue by way of force. We are a strong, passionate group, and are numbers continue to grow. There are millions and millions of Christian readers who have given up on finding any good Christian speculative fiction in their local Christian bookstores, but the LGG aims to change this. Our voice is loud and passionate, and our ideas are a never ending flow. Already we've won victories, but were not stopping after a few successful battles, were aim'n to win this thing.

If you want to see this victory come, join up, fight. Check out the Lost Genre Guild Blog for continual updates on what's happening.

There are tons and tons of resources for both fans and writers of Christian speculative fiction. In the sidebar of this blog you'll find lots of cool links...check them out.

And DEFINITELY check out these fellow CSFF blog tour member sites...they'll have lots more to say about the Lost Genre Guild, and about Christian speculative fiction!

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Mike Lynch said...


A good review of the site. You brought up stuff I didn't include in my review. Good job.


Anonymous said...

Love that sketch. The ship fires my imagination!

Frank Creed

Brandon Barr said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for stopping by.

Yeah, that sketch is rad. It was part of the concept art for my novel "When the Sky Fell".

gzusfreek said...

Thanks for the introduction to such a cause Brandon. I totally think it's up my alley. I signed up today!
I'm new to blogging. If you have time, could you explain "blog tour" and CSFF. Can't wait for "When the Sky Fell".

Brandon Barr said...

Hey gzusfreek,

Yeah I think I can explain it ;)

A "blog tour" is a group of blogs who have united together for a cause. Just a bunch of people interested in the same thing. In the case of the CSFF (Christian science-fiction and fantasy) blog tour, we are focused on promoting Christian speculative fiction. The leader, Rebecca Luella Miller, coordinates who we feature each month. Sometimes we feature books and their authors, and sometimes we focus on websites and publishing companies. What everything has in common on our CSFF blog tour is that it has to do with "Christian speculative fiction". If you're interested, contact Rebecca. I have a link to her on my side bar...she's our fearless leader :)

Thanks for the comment about "When the Sky Fell". I'm getting excited as the release date approaches...

Grace Bridges said...

Wow, what a post! Looks like it's doing a great job, too :) Good onya.

Amydeanne said...

thanks for the interesting post. This is my first time partaking in both groups, and i'm learning more about each! I think its great to promote the whole genre! It's nice to know what else is out there other than the basic mainstream authors.

gzusfreek said...

Thank you Brandon. . .it's a whole new world you've introduced! Happy New Year!

Robert Treskillard said...

Great post, Brandon! Answering the question "why" is important, which I ignored.

A set of question I had was about joining:

(a) what is expected of members?
(b) what are the benefits of membership?
(c) Who are the current members?


Brandon Barr said...

Hi Grace,
Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the compliment.

Hi Amydeanne,
Yeah, mainstream fiction is great, but so is speculative fiction. It's amazing how many fantasy and sci-fi fans have come to know Christ through the works of C.S. Lewis. Speculative fiction reaches a distinct crowd of deep thinking, highly imaginative folk :)

I'm glad to have opened up the portal for you :) And a happy new year too you.

Sounds like we touched on different points. There's so much good stuff to say about the LGG...I'm heading over to your place now :)