Good news comes in three's

The start of the good news comes from my publisher, Silver Leaf Books. "When the Sky Fell" is now available for pre-order!!

I can hardly believe its happening. December 2006 Silver Leaf Books gave Mike Lynch and I the good news...our book was going to be published.

Now it's here, and it's exciting and scary all wrapped together.

I'm working on the third draft of my newest novel with Mike Lynch. It's an archaeological adventure/romance/thriller that we've titled: "After the Cross"

I sent the beginning chapter into a contest for "first chapters". A few days ago found out the good news! We were one of eight winners!

The contest was put on by the Dead Robot Society, a podcast group. Besides the thumbs up, I received a free autographed book by Scott Sigler...pretty sweet. The first chapter has been posted at the site, and is up if anyone wants to check it out. JUST CLICK HERE.

My essay on Walter Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz" is now up at one of my favorite Christian web zines, Wayfarer's Journal.

I originally wrote this essay as part of a massive college paper...a type of "senior project". Well, I got my English degree, and decided...hey, this can get more than just a good grade, why not send it out for publication! The Walter Miller essay is my second publication that spawned from that college paper. If you're interested, you can check out the essay by clicking HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!


Crista said...

Hey wow, that's awesome. Congratulations! That must be exciting.

(I've always been curious about this - how do you write a book with someone else? D'you take "turns" writing each chapter?)

Matt Mikalatos said...

Congratulations, Brandon, that's great news. Or I guess I should say, those are great newses. Or something.

Brandon Barr said...

Hey Crista,

Yes! It's nice to get those, "we loved your story" emails!

Your second question about writing with a "co-writer" is a good one. In short having written three novels with my co-writer, Mike Lynch, we've worked out a really good system. We've found it works best switching back and forth after two chapters.

I plan on writing an essay on this...the sheer zaneyness of how I met my writing partner and how everything's worked out so well is a story in itself.

I have lots of good advice for those interested in information about writing a story with a partner...

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Matt,

Ha! Very well put. They are indeed great "newses" :)

gzusfreek said...

Great news about the pre-order for "When the Sky Fell" -I have to wait no more!

The first chapter is pretty exciting! Three of my favs archeology, action, and Jesus. I liked the characters and was certainly hooked. It introduces a new twist on a very modern, very relevant subject. So any news on "After the Cross". It's on my read list.

Great essay too. Interesting. I have thought about pulling out a couple of college papers. Even thought about who might want them. I may do that after seeing yours in print! (not that I'm in any arena close to yours, o brilliant one :-)

I too would be very interested in the essay: ". . .the sheer zaneyness of how I met my writing partner and how everything's worked out. . ." It has to be a divine match up, you and Mr. Lynch; and it says loads about the both of you!

Well, good things come in three's: The Trinity, triangles, triplets, Stooges, 3D (subjective, I know), trilogies and 3 day weekends. huh? Congrats!

Brandon Barr said...

Hey gzusfreek :)

I'm glad you liked the first chapter. Mike and I are doing a third draft of that novel based on our wise readers feedback.

You should have seen my old first year Freshman English essays...horrendous might choose a different word than "brilliant"! haha. Yeah, you should send in your essays to a magazine that matches your topic.

I'll be sure to post that "Writing with a partner" essay sometime this year.

I like your list of three' about we add three hour naps!

Laughing Lioness said...

Brandon, Congrats on the good news- great to find your site!
I appreciated your comment on my blog. There are good ed options out there- just not gov school imho=)
Looking forward to checking out what's here! Lisa

Brandon Barr said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your post. I'm glad you found my site too :)

Robert Treskillard said...

I liked that first chapter ... way to go with the win!

Brandon Barr said...

Thanks Robert :)

Deirdre Mundy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And congrats on the book!

I write for kids. My finished novel and my WIP are both Middle Grade Sci Fi. My Magazine stuff is all poetry and fiction, though I need to try to break into non-fiction this year...

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Deirdre,

Middle Grade sci-fi, very cool! Thanks for coming by.