Brandon's got news

I'm planing some exciting things here at the blog, and here they are...

1) Editing: making stories shine. I'm going to show examples of how to clean up and tighten writing in 2nd/3rd drafts by taking early drafts of my own writing (short stories, novels) and exposing their not so pretty beginnings. But I'm not stopping with my own writing...if anyone would like to submit a portion (about 1 page) of their own writing, I'd be happy to go through it, edit it, and use it for this feature on the blog. You could choose to be named, or request that your name be kept anonymous. For anyone wishing to do this, email  your one-page piece of fiction to

2) Author Interviews: I'm going to be interviewing both published authors, and unpublished. It's fun to hear how different writers work, their goals, inspirations, and throw a few off-the-wall writing questions at them.

3) I'm going to be giving the blog a huge renovation. I'll keep this a surprise...

4) I've created a separate blog for my novel, American Midnight. My wife is co-piloting the site, and she adds a fresh female perspective.


ℜ-₩inch said...

Exciting stuff! What prompted the overhaul? I'm not published, but I have written a book...and I do interviews for free :)

Peter Stone said...

Congrats on the new blog for American Midnight. On that topic, I finally ordered it from Amazon today. I'll let you know when I place a review on Amazon after I read it.
Now I have to wait for it to arrive :(
I also ordered two of Wayne Thomas Batson's pirate novels to read to my daughter, and Ivanhoe 1982 DVD, one of my all time fav movies. To see it in DVD with great sound will be awesome :)

Brandon said...

Hi Andrew,
The overhaul is two part, to get some regular blog posts out there that can benefit writers, and then to adapt the blog to include ALL of my writing, not just Sci-fi.
You don't charge for your interviews! YES! I'll definitely mark you down for a an interview Andrew :)

Hi Peter,
How cool! I'm excited to hear what you think of the book. And I appreciate you doing an amazon review too! Those are incredibly helpful.
Those pirate novels sound like fun reads to do with the family :) I'm looking forward to family reading nights in the future.

KM Wilsher said...

ya! I'd say that is exciting! :)

ℜ-₩inch said...

Sounds good! I can email you a copy of my book (or at least a part, query, etc) if you're interested. Oh, and I LOVE "Edit Me Thursday #1." I think this is going to generate a lot of buzz in helping writers in the editing process as well as showcase your skills.