My interview, radio show, and a few reviews of American Midnight

Hey friends,
just wanted to let you know about a few cool things going on.

Right now KM Wilsher is hosting an American Midnight week on her blog. Monday she interviewed me, Wednesday she interviews Mike (my co-author) and then Friday she reviews the book. Go check it out HERE :)

I did a radio interview with the Greenlight Project. It was a round table with Mike Lynch and three other authors. The link to that is HERE.

American Midnight was also reviewed by one of the editors over at Mindflights Magazine. Check out her review at her blog HERE.

And lastly, Bibliophiles retreat reviewed the book HERE.

Sorry to overload you, but I figured I'd get all that out at once!

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KM Wilsher said...

Lots of buzz this week :)!!!!