The Boy and the Beast Series update

Hello to all my readers!

As many know, I am battling leukemia, but I have some updates on my planned release of the first three novels in The Boy and the Beast Series.

Despite the disease, I am nearly finished with Book Three of the series, tentatively titled, Her Father's Fugitive Throne.

I am excited to release the first three books in the series and hope to do so this summer (2016).

The feedback from beta readers and professional editors has been amazing! I am thrilled to be this close to giving my readers this epic start to an explosive, soulful sci-fantasy.

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(The photo is of me holding my brother's stem cells for my bone marrow transplant.)

Thanks to all those who've sent their well wishes and prayers.



CBee said...

That is amazing! I look forward to reading the trilogy with my husband!I am praying for you! To God be the Glory!
Carina Elisa Martinez

Brandon Barr said...

Thank you for your prayers, and enjoy the series when it releases!

Mike Lynch said...

Glad to hear you're committed to finishing up your series. I pray it's a success.

Brandon Barr said...

Thanks Mike.