By Your Request (tell me what you want me to write!)

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By Your Request

I want to write exclusive stories for YOU, my VIP subscribers. That's right! Tell me what stories that you want me to write that are within the worlds I've created in The Boy and the Beast series. Here are three options that you might consider emailing me about if you have an idea.
  1. Alternate POV Scene - If you've already picked up Her Dangerous Visions and enjoyed it, you might request an alternate point of view scene. For instance, when Meluscia grabs hold of Mica in the darkened passageway at the end of book one, you might request that I write that scene from HIS point of view...what did he feel like? What was he thinking? 
  2. New Scene - This is a scene that never took place in the book (an off-camera scene, so to speak). An example request from Her Dangerous Visions might ask for a scene with Harvest in her home on the night she is to go and meet Aven for the tradition of First Kiss. She's with her family, awaiting his arrival...what does she feel? What does she think?
  3. New Story - If you've read book two, The Bridge Beyond Her World, you might request a story about a new character within the world of The Boy and the Beast series. A story about an Oracle on another world, or a Guardian Empyrean, or a story about an attack from a Beast world....the possibilities are endless.
Obviously, I am unable to write every story idea that is sent to me, but if multiple requests for a scene or story come in, I'm more likely to choose that one. Or if a reader gives me an idea I just can't help but write, then BAM, I'm writing it! Also, I might do an occasional poll and put out a few of the best/most popular ideas you've sent my way and let everyone on the VIP newsletter vote. I hope you are as excited about this as I am. I'm looking forward to writing some exciting exclusive stories for you on top of my novels.

To send in a story idea, contact me here, and write in the subject line: By Your Request

I look forward to receiving your email...

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