A new beginning

This blog, Christian Science Fiction, is undergoing a change. It will no longer only be an idle information service directing viewers to Christian spec fiction magazines (although it will retain that feature in the right hand column), but it will now be a multi-purpose web blog.


Here are some things you can expect to find here in the future . . .

1) Information on Brandon Barr's writing. This might include updates on what's going on behind the scenes (agent information, publication news, cover art information, ect.). This might also include snippets of Brandon's writing. General writing stuff.

2) Secondly this site hopes to showcase other authors in the Christian Speculative Fiction genre who have published novels or short stories! It is my hope that as fans of the speculative fiction genre, we can share in the excitement and success of writing and reading in this broad and adventurous genre . . .


David said...

I posted a "Jesus Loves Sci-Fi" blog last week and Steve Trower found me, and thus I found a whole bunch of people that are Jesus Sci-Fi people just this morning!

How fracken exciting! (If you get the Battlestar reference and forgive my language)...

Funny, I've dabbled in writting sci-fi but never amounted to much. Then got an idea of a story this morning so this might be a perfect place to visit.


Brandon Barr said...

Hey David, glad you stopped by! Yes stop by, by all means. I hope to post practical writing pieces in the near future.

Writing sci-fi is a blast. Imagination galore. Science fiction is all about wonder and imagination. I think God built those qualities into us.

Write! Do it! It's a blast. The more you do it the better your stories will get!