The Sword Review: PART DEUX

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Point one:

I continually find myself pondering the success of Double Edged Publishing. It's almost as if my fate and their fate are interlocked.

As a writer, I want to be able to write what ever I am inspired to write. This may mean writing something that secular magazines would enjoy, or on the other hand, writing something too "Christian" for their taste. So for those stories I write that are too strong for secular magazines, I'm thankful to have a place to send my manuscript off to.


Another reason I see our fates aligned, is in the desire for quality wholesome sci-fi and fantasy. The more success these magazines have, the more quality submissions they will receive. The secular magazines receive stories from all sorts of famous sci-fi/fantasy authors. Most well-known authors enjoy writing short stories here and there between novels. But such hasn't been the case for the Christian fiction novelist.

I don't see big name Christian writers submitting fiction to magazines . . . why not? Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, and how about other authors featured on the blog tour . . . wouldn't it be exciting to see some of their (short) stories in print! I'd love it. I think if we could draw big authors into submitting to magazines such as The Sword Review, DKA, Hurauh, and Ray Gun Revival, then that would provide the boom that we really are hoping for!

Honestly . . . maybe that's all it takes to generate some real excitement.

Lets do it!


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Mark Goodyear said...

Brandan that is a brilliant question! Why don't Christian writers submit short stories to magazines?

I'm thinking most of them bypass the MFA route that pushes short publication so much.

But still, they should be doing it too. We should ask Wayne Batson about it.

Brandon Barr said...

We need them! It's what helps fuel the secular spec fiction world.

Novels and short stories are intertwined in the genre.

I just wrote another blog post on this!!