The Sword Review

The Sword Review: a Christian science fiction and fantasy magazine (from a writers POV)

First off: Artwork

I love what they're getting in forms of cover art. Really nice. More often than not, we pick out a new book (or magazine) by the cover art. The cover tells what kind of quality we can expect to find inside.
I'll never forget seeing "Enders Game," by Orson Scott Card. I bought it solely on the merit of the cover art. At age sixteen, it just looked cool. That resulted in my reading the endire Ender series, and purchasing the Bean series (hoping to read that soon).
Great job, at the Sword Review, I'm looking forward to this tradition continuing. Good cover art brings in good stories.

Secondly: they have a print version along with the webzine

I love getting a magazine in print. Maybe that's because I'm a writer. But still, it feels better in my hands. I think that also helps them bring in more quality writing. Writers, when they evaluate who they send off their manuscripts to, will look at those elements. Art. Print. and . . . well, okay, pay. But lets face it. Writers aren't writing short stories to make big bucks--even the big time writers. So when it comes down to it, good art and the simple fact authors like to have a hard copy for sentimental value (or to show to their kids/grandkids/friends/family/etc)

Third and last point: conclusion

They've been getting a lot of quality stories. Preditors and Editors is proof of that. If you are passionate about quality Christian science fiction and fantasy, I encourage you to stop by their site. Read a story. Enjoy the artwork. And be sure to stop by their discussion forum, and let them know "Hey! Great Job!"

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Mirtika said...

Over at DKA, we've stopped doing the print version. The budget just didn't allow it. And I think TSR also has stopped. We are discussing having a "best of DEP" per quarter or biannually or somesuch. But the donations simply were not at a level where we could continue to keep the site and do print issues. Plus, we've cut back on content, too. So, there you go. Bottom line--not enough moolah.


Brandon Barr said...

That's something that I have to commend the entire Double Edged Publishing group on. They're doing all this without pay, solely for the love of Christian Fiction.

I wish there was some way to get some wealthy benefactors to take a look at what DEP is doing.

That would be great to have a "best of DEP". I hope that works out.

Becky said...

I'll have to ask Bill about their print edition. The ones I saw were impressive, and I got the idea that this was in its beginning stages--they were exploring how to get the print edition into stores.

Anyway, good post, Brandon. You definitely did a good job highlighting the site and making your readers curious.


Cheryl said...

Great post, Brian!

Brandon Barr said...

Hi Rebecca!

That's my vision for the future, to see a Christian fiction magazine in bookstores. I would love to see DEP reach that goal.

The hard part is garnishing the support (money wise) I would imagine.

But nonetheless, I find it amazing that we live in a nation with so many Christians, and there isn't a Christian fiction magazine in bookstores!

Mark Goodyear said...

Brandon, great post. Thoughtful and concise, unlike some (me).

mirtika, as much as I wish you all could get enough money to have print versions, too, I have to applaud your business sense!

I was looking at the best of DEP earlier today. Very tempting...

Brandon Barr said...

Thanks Mike!